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FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATIONEvery time a disaster strikes, businesses and homeowners seek the help of a restoration and reconstruction company that they can trust. Unfortunately, finding a reliable and effective reconstruction and restoration service provider can be such a great nuisance as you need to conduct extensive research. However, you need not worry about that anymore as you can rely on us!

Work with a Top Rated Local Disaster Restoration Company

Restoration Companies is a nationwide directory that allows you to effortlessly connect with efficient and trustworthy local and state restoration companies. Our recommended local companies are discreet, fast, affordable, and provide real-time status both to you and your insurance company.

Criteria we use when recommending a reconstruction and restoration company

Before connecting you with a restoration company, we ensure that the company meets our high-end standards that assure high-quality work.

Is there a background screening process for companies that offer restoration services?

Yes, one of the qualifications we look for is an A+ rating accorded by the Better Business Bureau. A BBB A+ rating shows that the restoration company works effectively to resolve customer complaints and is trustworthy. At the same time, the restorers should possess valid local or state licenses that depict that they are certified and approved by the government to operate.

At restoration companies, we recognize that uncertainties might occur during reconstruction or restoration. Therefore, we ensure that all restoration companies we connect you with are insured. Insured restoration companies guarantee that in case of accidents or losses, you will get sufficiently compensated.

Given that disasters may occur at any moment, all our recommended reconstruction companies are always available. We reassure you that we will link you with a company that is 24/7 available. Besides, we ascertain that the recommended reconstruction company has a short response time, preferably an hour or less.

Water damage restoration

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATIONOne of the services offered is water damage restoration services, which entail cleaning up the water and renovation of your property. The process includes removing the water, drying out your space, cleaning, disinfecting to prevent mildew, mold, and odors, and finally, restoring your property to its original condition. The restorers will deal with various issues, including plumbing leaks, leaking roofs, frozen or burst pipes, sewage backups, and pump failures.

Mold remediation

Mould can lead to multiple health risks such as headaches, unconsciousness, suffocation, allergies, and asthma. You may want to deal with it yourself using bleach which is only but a temporary solution. At Restoration Companies, we connect you with mold remediation specialists who will not only clean up the mold but also mitigate its effects and finally restore your home to its original condition.

Fire damage restoration

Besides, we also connect you with enterprises that offer fire damage restoration services. Despite the severity of the fire damage, our trained for damage contractors will quickly clean and repair the damage. They will restore your property from damage brought about by smoking, candles, electrical fires, fireplaces, kitchen fires, grease fires, and more.

When floods or fires occur, essential items made from paper such as books, photographs, certificates, and other vital documents may get damaged. Luckily, we offer document restoration experts who will utilize state-of-the-art technology and prevent your documents from being lost for good.

Biohazard damage

The restoration of your business space or home after a crime or biohazard occurrence demands empathetic and skilled cleaning professionals. At Restoration companies, we offer you local restoration ventures with experienced restorers who will handle your property in compliance with health, environmental, and government regulations. In addition, we assure you of a physically and mentally prepared team to handle the scene in the safest way possible.

Fast and reliable restoration specialists

Rather than dealing with the risks and hassles of a clean-up, rely on Restoration Companies to provide dependable specialists. Contact our customer care service team to get an estimated price for your restoration services and easily navigate your insurance claim process by scheduling a clean-up or restoration service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do most restoration companies work with your insurance company for payment?

In many scenarios, the restoration company that you hire for a commercial or residential mitigation project can work with your insurance company on your behalf, and may be able to make arrangements for directed payment.

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