Residential Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

FIRE AND SMOKE DAMAGE RESTORATION RESTORATION COMPANIESWe significantly provide all-inclusive residential fire and smoke damage restoration services customized to your unique needs. Aside from the fact that you deserve a quick response, delays could turn out to be very expensive. We understand how disastrous it can be to have your home damaged by fire and smoke; therefore, the restoration process must run smoothly. 

How Does Fire Damage Restoration Work?

We immediately begin with an in-depth examination of your house to estimate what extent of damage it has endured. Fire damage consists of burned materials, soot residue, and smoke smell.

The restoration process commences with the emergency board up, where as soon as the fire marshal surrounds your fire-damaged property, we protect your house from further damage. Afterward, we board up any bare areas as a security method and shield them from the weather. 

Following this is the emergency pre-cleaning process, where we conduct an initial and thorough pre-clean of smoke-affected property. The pre-cleaning process helps in stopping the damage for a successful and affordable restoration project.

Next, the smoke odor restoration process follows, where it is essential to keep in mind that the smell of smoke lingers if you do not attend to it. Finally, we work with multiple professional techniques and tools to decrease the smoke odor.

The next process is moving on to the repairs, where according to the type of loss, there are numerous solutions we can implement. Our network of highly trained and experienced restoration and construction professionals, as well as project managers strive to ascertain the range of work, the materials required to repair the damage and schedule the repairs, proving that your satisfaction is our priority.

Lastly, we clean your possessions; if fire and smoke damage affect your possessions, we collaborate with you and your insurance firm to decide what can be restored. Fortunately, we work with executive ultrasonic cleaning to reinstate your damaged possessions that can be fixed.

What Types of Fires Can Affect My House?

Even though all fires can be disastrous for your house, not all are the same. Each kind of fire can result in different levels of damage which will need another type of solution. Protein fire refers to where food from the stove has burned, leaving smoke residue and powerful burned-food odors on surfaces.

The complex fire, on the other hand, is where several synthetic and natural items in the house have burned, resulting in a greasy yellow residue on surfaces and artificial smoke odors. Natural fire is where bushes and trees have burned, and smoke has made its way through from outside; therefore, smoke odor and residue are still there.

At the same time, a furnace fire leads to failure where heating appliances such as oil-fired furnaces have broken down and caused smoke to be spread all over the property.


It is not safe to do it yourself since the residue left behind after a fire can be risky and lead to health issues if not handled thoroughly. It is highly discouraged from trying to clean up or restore your house on your own after a fire; otherwise, the attempts may lead to further damage. Indeed, only experts with the correct training and devices can ensure that the job is done correctly.

What Are The Safety Tips That I Should Follow When I Encounter A Fire And Smoke Damage Loss?

Make sure your property has been boarded up and secured to reduce additional risks and dangers, and be sure to have a post-loss fire inspection for structural and safety issues. Begin by examining the temperature and if it is more than 60 degrees, ensure that you air out your home to decrease the smoke odor. Follow up by cleaning laminate surfaces and chrome, aluminum, and porcelain fixtures to avert permanent etching or tarnishing. Then, on your furnace, switch the air filter if it operates with strained hot air.

Afterward, it would help to tape a damp cheesecloth oversupply and return registers to get loose soot on the air. Next, ensure that you discard any open or exposed food packages. Lastly, leave your clothing affected by heavy smoke damage to a certified and recognized dry restoration cleaner.

What Should I Avoid When I Undergo A Fire And Smoke Damage Loss?

Do not wash the walls since improper cleaning could amalgam the soot residue. Also, please do not touch anything with your exposed or bare hands; instead, it would be best to work with gloves. This is because oil from your hands can penetrate upholstery walls, and woodwork causing further damage.

Also, do not clean upholstered furniture or carpets and do not work with electrical appliances until you have ensured that they are examined and approved for use. In addition, avoid moving around the house and try to restrict the movement in the home. This helps in preventing cross-contamination like soot particles being embedded into carpets and upholstery. Lastly, do not attempt to work with ceiling fixtures if you find out that the ceiling is wet.

Why You Should You Be Confident On Us After Fire Damage?

Unfortunately, a fire can break out at any time; it does not matter when, and our firm is well known for our 24/7 emergency service. Our customer care center is more than ready to pick up your call even though it is in the middle of the night. We are here to serve you; therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at any time for immediate and efficient help. 

At the same time, our team is staffed with highly trained and experienced water and fire experts. Our specialists have the right equipment and expertise required to professionally execute the job to your preference and satisfaction as fast as possible. Also, we are renowned as the top company in fire damage restoration.

Our team of seasoned Service Pros experts will assist you in thoroughly navigating the insurance claims procedure and organizing the required paperwork for a faster, loyal, transparent, and more straightforward experience.

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