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In Benton, Arkansas, homeowners and businesses often face the challenging aftermath of water damage, smoke damage, black mold, and sewer backups. These issues can be daunting and overwhelming, requiring not just cleaning but comprehensive restoration to ensure safety and structural integrity. At Services Pros, a team of leading professional and certified restoration experts in Benton specializes in meticulously addressing each of these problems. We approach water damage by not only extracting the water but also drying and dehumidifying the affected areas to prevent mold growth and structural damage. In cases of smoke damage, these professionals use advanced techniques and equipment to remove soot and smoke residue, addressing the often-pervasive odors and restoring air quality. Expertise is crucial in returning properties to their pre-damage condition, providing peace of mind to property owners.

The threat posed by black mold and sewer backups requires a particularly skilled response, which is well within the capabilities of Benton’s restoration pros. Black mold, a common consequence of water damage, can be hazardous to health, necessitating careful and thorough removal by experts who adhere to strict safety protocols. Our use of specialized equipment and cleaning agents to eradicate mold while ensuring that it does not spread to unaffected areas. Sewer backups present a unique challenge due to the potential contamination involved. Certified professionals in Benton are equipped to handle such biohazard situations, ensuring the area is not only cleaned but also sanitized and safe for occupancy. Their comprehensive services reassure residents and business owners alike that their properties are not just cleaned, but fully restored to a safe and livable state.

Insurance restoration service and coverage from leading carriers including: AAA, Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, Chubb, Farm Bureau, Geico, USAA and many more.

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SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs
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Benton, AR 72015
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