Sewer Cleanup Services

SEWER BACKUP CLEANINGSewage cleaning after a sewer backup can be nasty and tiresome, especially if you have no expertise. After a sewer backup, the drains and the gutters release odors that spread like sulfur or rotten eggs.  At the same time, a strange sewage smell can be hazardous for your health as it may lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches, suffocation, and even unconsciousness. For a prompt and effective sewage cleaning, contact Restoration companies to fix potentially-blocked or damaged sewer drains.

What is a sewer backup? 

A sewer backup typically occurs after something blocks the normal flow of wastewater in a household, preventing it from going to the primary sanitary sewage. Subsequently, the wastewater backs up into your house’s drains.

What causes sewage backups? 

Several occurrences may lead to sewage backups, such as tree roots seeking moisture, buildups from grease, improperly flushed items, flooding from a strong storm, and an aging sewage system.

What are the signs of clogged drains?

If you hear a noisy gurgling sound from your drain, your toilet bubbling, or notice any backups in your shower, bathtub, or toilet, your drains need cleaning.

What are the benefits of conducting professional sewer cleaning? 

Our team of technicians is professionally trained and utilizes high-tech equipment to cater to your drain cleaning after a sewage backup. Aside from ensuring that all the pollutants and contaminants are entirely removed, the technicians enhance proper hygiene that prevents any infection.  

Professional Sewage Cleanup by Certified Water Restoration Pros

SEWAGE CLEANUP SERVICESThis entails a well-defined approach that includes decontamination, clearing, cleaning, and disinfecting all affected areas. Aside from that, very high standards of hygiene are guaranteed.

How can I prevent a sewer backup in the future?

It is recommended that you install a backwater prevention valve in the home’s basement to prevent sewer backflows. This equipment is a safety measure whose purpose is that once it is fixed in the sewer line, it prevents backflow of the sewer.

How many times should I schedule an appointment for a sewage cleaning?

You should schedule drain cleaning services every year, even if your drains haven’t shown any indications of clogging. Frequent checks help prevent possible hazards emanating from blocked sewer lines.

How long does the sewage cleaning service take?

While the time it takes to restore varies depending on the extent of damage, our team of cleaners takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to conclude sewage backup cleaning.

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