Storm Damage Repair & Reconstruction Services

STORM DAMAGE REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION SERVICESNatural catastrophes like tropical storms and hurricanes are unpredictable beasts. When storms happen, they are likely to damage houses’ roofs, gutters, and siding.  Aside from that, winds could snap tree branches and topple trees over, which causes additional damages to homes and buildings. Windows are also likely to get broken, and the belongings inside your property might experience rain intrusions and flooding due to storm surges. 

When such damage occurs, it is time that you contact us at Restoration Companies for holistic storm damage restoration.

What takes place during a storm damage restoration?

Each storm leads to a peculiar series of property damages. When recommended restoration company sends out a team, the technicians will first assess the damage on your property. Afterward, the restorers will take you through the risks and the restoration services that your property needs. Following this, the team will create a plan for you as per your budget and guide you in documenting the damage for your insurance claim.

The professionals will use state-of-the-art equipment to remove water and excess moisture from your property during the actual process. Next, they will utilize dehumidifiers and other equipment for drying up any residual water and moisture, as it assists in eliminating the potential for mold growth. Finally, the team will use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to certify that your property is fully dry. Then, if there is a need to, the team will get rid of affected drywall, clean out your HVAC ducts, deep-clean your carpets, repair the flooring and finally remove the mold.

STORM DAMAGE REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION SERVICESHow long will the storm damage restoration process take?

When tropical storms and hurricanes occur, the severity of the damage varies from one property to another. Therefore, the time to repair one property can be different from another. Still, a typical process can take up to a week.

How much does the storm damage restoration process cost?

The cost of the restoration process is always dependent on the breadth of the project. However, through the property’s assessment, the team of restorers will determine the overall costs and their justifications. 

How can I reduce storm damage on my property in the future?

At Restoration Companies, we advise you, as a property owner, to purchase storm shutters before the storm hits. Alternatively, you can also cover your windows with plywood. Still, it would be best if you trim any damaged trees or overgrown branches that may damage your house in case the tree falls.

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