Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup Services

All through your stay on your property, you will need several restoration services to keep your property in tip-top condition. As a property owner, water damage is one of the most challenging problems that you will encounter. 

Emergency Water Restoration Companies

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION AND CLEANUP SERVICESYou may need to deal with repairs, remodeling, and protection of the water system. If left unattended, water damage may lead to health risks along with structural damage to your property. 

If water damage is not addressed immediately, you may need to dig deeper into your pockets to cover repair costs. At the same time, water damage on your commercial property could interrupt work and impact your earning potential.

For reliable and efficient water damage restoration services for commercial or residential properties, contact us, Restoration Companies, to connect you to a bespoke service provider.

What is water damage?

Water damage is a problem where water mucks up the interior of your building and can either come from the outside or inside.

What are the categories of contamination associated with water damage?

Water damage ranges from severe to minor problems with regard to the degree of destruction. 

Category one entails the minor form of damage, as it is termed “clean.” Such damages are free from toxins and sewage, so you are not at risk of contracting any diseases or infections. They can be caused by overflowing sinks and bathtubs, leaking dishwashers and washing machines, along with broken supply lines and pipes.

Category two is referred to as grey because of the dirty water. Here, the dirty water leads to contamination resulting in discomfort or sickness if consumed or contacted. Common causes of this category include punctured water beds, toilet bowl overflow with urine, broken aquariums, and hydrostatic pressure seepage.

The third category is defined as grossly contaminated “black water,” as the water is heavily contaminated by toxins and pathogens that can cause adverse health effects. Water in this category commonly emanates from wind-driven rain from hurricanes and tropical storms, sewage, rising water from rivers and streams, and seawater.

What are the common water damage risks?

Property damage is one of the immediate risks when critical structures in your home are destroyed along with cosmetic structures. It also entails the destruction of your carpets, documents, furniture, clothing, family heirlooms, and electronics.

Ideally, it is wise to be highly concerned about your health when you experience any form of water damage within your property. Mold growth and bacteria often accompany water damage as they deteriorate air quality. Black mold is regarded as the most dangerous type of mold, as it is hard to detect and releases toxins as it grows. Aside from that, dangerous bacteria, pink mold, and aspergillus mold are likely to trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems.

What is the immediate measure after noticing water damage?

As soon as you notice an indicator of water damage in your residential or commercial property, contact Restoration Companies, where we’ll connect you to a reliable water damage restoration service provider. Our team always ensures that the recommended company is prompt and arrives within an hour or less.

As the crew is on its way, you will have to turn off electricity in the affected areas, curtail the leak at its source, take photos and document the damage, and contact your insurance company to confirm policy coverage.

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION AND CLEANUP SERVICESWhat happens during a water damage restoration process?

Every water damage is different from others; hence, every service is customized based on the amount of damage to your commercial or residential property. 

When the recommended company arrives, the team will assess the water damage, take you through the destruction, and estimate the costs. Next, the restorers will remove the standing water using industrial vacuums and specialized machines. 

Following this, the professionals will salvage valuable items, remove the wet carpet and conduct dry out flooring. Here, the water restoration technicians will use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the affected area thoroughly.

The next step taken by the restorers is thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning the affected area to stop and prevent the spread of mold growth and remove any contaminants. Finally, the technicians will repair the source of the leak, reconstruct the affected area, and install any new equipment you need.

How can I alleviate water damage in the future?

There are various measures that you need to take to avoid water damage. These include installing gutter guards and cleaning your gutters at least twice a year, checking plumbing and heating pipes, inspecting showers, tubs, and appliances regularly, and inspecting your roof for damaged shingles.

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