What Are the Fastest Growing Franchise Companies That Provide Fire & Water Damage Restoration?

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION COMPANIES NEAR MEAmerican homeowners and business operators often experience severe weather events such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. More than $353billion is spent on repairs and restoration of homes and business premises after such incidents. While the disasters cause property damage, they have presented a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs who look forward to assisting people in stressful situations or maintaining the quality of older buildings.

The drastic climate changes we’ve been experiencing have resulted in more unpredictable weather and, as a result, more catastrophic events, increasing the demand for restoration companies. This is a lucrative industry with a powerful franchise component.


Servpro is a reputable fire and water damage company founded in 1967 and franchised in 1969. The company has been helping residential and commercial premises owners to realize their goals. Servpro’s system and support enable individuals with various academic, career training, and financial frameworks to seize control of their prospects by creating a business that is tailored to their specific goals and lifestyle. Acquiring a Servpro Franchise allows you to benefit from its solid track record whereas working for yourself. Servpro provides a 15-day in-house interactive training program at the company training center. Although this program was originally created to aid new franchise owners, it has proven to be a beneficial pathway for both franchise employees and franchise owners.


Rytech is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1995 and franchised in 1996. The worth of billions industry provides potential franchisees with the chance to expand a profitable business. Rytech franchisees provide direct practical experience and are dedicated business owners enthusiastic about skillfully satisfying their clients and facilitating the smooth operation of their franchise. The franchise offers the operating systems and training needed to operate and grow your business, as well as the advantages of a complete turnkey customer support program that includes billing and payment entity, bookkeeping, and payroll processing. Rytech actively provides ongoing local marketing/sales training monitoring to its franchisees.


Founded in 1994 and franchised in 2006, Advantaclean is a reputable organization specializing in water damage restoration and mold control. Whereas many companies in the industry are focusing on the crisis, Advantaclean is quite different. The business plan is meant to generate regular work tasks and sustainable development, supplying not only water damage and cleaning services required by most American residences but also humidity control services, air pipework and coil cleanup, disinfecting services, and fire & smoke damage control. Advantaclean’s effectiveness over the years in the different whereabouts around the country has brought forth a widely divergent methodology to franchising. The company is dedicated to aiding its franchisees to expand their businesses by maintaining a constant flow of customers while simultaneously monitoring and maintaining a low cost of running the business successfully.  


Best Option Restoration (B.O.R)

Best Option Restoration was founded in 2016 and has been franchising since 2018. B.O.R. is a renovation market expert with a significant franchise existence around the country. The company only employs certified technicians to ensure all tasks are handled professionally and with the highest standards. Being one of the fasts growing franchises in the country, B.O.R seeks to benefit its franchisees by advertising and providing reliable customer service.

Rainbow International Restoration

Rainbow International Restoration specializes in both residential and business repair services for fire and water damage restoration. The franchise is IICRC-certified therefore qualified to undertake its activities.  Rainbow International is an Amicable firm made up of 21 distinct housing service brands dedicated to providing homeowners and commercial building owners the services they require. The company was established in 1981 and franchising since the number of stations spiked to 419 in 2019 and is getting higher every year.

Paul Davis Restoration

Through the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, the company demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship. It has also been a trailblazer in many technologies, such as thermal imaging to detect moisture penetration without ripping things apart and its MICA internet monitoring tool, which is used to fix and resolve water damage claims. FirstService Corporation, a top real estate services company, is the parent organization of this chain. Premised in 1966 and franchised in 1970, the number of stations has risen significantly from 237 in 2018 to the current figure of 265. sixty of these are based outside the United States.


1-800 WATER DAMAGE, a widely known restoration services company, is devoted to giving restoration remedies while offering incredible customer service. The company’s franchisees are reputable professionals in water, mold, and fire damage restoration services in different neighborhoods and are always available when needed. 1-800 WATER DAMAGE   take pride in assisting homeowners and business owners in successfully returning to professionally renovated residential. Once you franchise with 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, you establish a partnership with a well-established company with access to the best resources and expertise to help you with every inch of the process. As a member of the BELFOR Franchise Group, a top service-based franchisor, the company is dedicated to assisting you in learning, growing, and thriving as a business owner.

Restoration 1

Restoration 1 is among the country’s extremely fast-growing restoration franchises. The franchise is destined to grow into the top brand in the $210 billion renovation services industry, with dozens of venues open or under construction. Restoration 1 is a minimal-cost chance with a validated, recession-proof business strategy that is simple to expand and own. Premised in 2008, Restoration 1 is headed by an enthusiastic executive team with years of expertise in widening franchise systems and assisting entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of having a profitable business.


Based on the above analysis, we can conclude that the disaster restoration franchises are worthwhile to purchase. However, there may be plenty to consider when deciding on the most suitable option, such as the brand’s reputation, the training and support provided, and whether or not other franchisees have been successful. Furthermore, you must match your spending plan to the brand’s investment requirements. The franchises on this list were graded depending on the number of franchise units in the industry.

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