Document Freeze Drying and Restoration

WATER DAMAGED DOCUMENT RESTORATIONDespite the technological revolution, documentation is still extensively used in business, and for several, it is essential to their operations. Even though the paper is alarmingly strong, water specifically can cause distressing damage at an incredibly fast rate. 

Adhesion, discoloration, swelling, and distortion can make things unusable if not processed properly. Additionally, the wet or moist paper also provides a suitable environment for the growth of possibly harmful mold or bacteria. 

Water Damaged Document Drying

For safe and reliable document restoration, contact us today to examine your fire and smoke-damaged documents and books.  

What kind of document restoration can be addressed?

Our top-notch energy-saving technology enables us to dry, clean, and reproduce materials that have been affected by fire, water, and mold. With fire damage, the burns produce both non-visible and visible damage to hard copy documents. 

Aside from the scorching and burning, there can also be damage produced by soot in the air and the smoke from the fire. Such elements may cause further contamination to the structure if they are not eliminated and treated before the clean-up process starts. 

Since we are involved in the entire restoration process, we will immediately address all the fire damage components. At the same time, water damage can occur from several factors, ranging from flooding, backed-up or burst pipes, which are the most obvious cases. However, other main weather events like storm surges can cause distressing water devastation. The process of putting out fires is a frequent cause of water damage too. 

Aside from having highly trained experts and experience in every part of the drying process, we have a desiccant air-dry distribution system to ensure that materials of different sizes and types are dried properly and thoroughly. 

It is critical to know that mold may grow very fast on damp materials, especially in a high-humidity environment. Our advanced equipment thoroughly gets rid of moisture that can result in mold growth. Even if your documents have suffered existing mold damage, we have the best resources to restore these files with the same efficiency as fire and water-damaged documents. 

WATER DAMAGED DOCUMENT RESTORATIONWhy should you contact a document restoration company?

As a renowned leader in the restoration process, we are very keen to note that apt mitigation is the key to restoring your damaged possessions. 

Essentially, our experts are properly trained to correctly pack out all documents for transportation to our document restoration facility, where we have experiences and resources such as document freeze-drying, photo restoration services, and old document restoration. 

The most advanced state-of-the-art technology that we use is efficacious in restoring your documents to as close to their pre-damaged state. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible to start the document restoration process on the damaged materials.

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