Flooded Basements Cleanup & Restoration Services

If you own a basement, you know that it is inherently prone to frequent flooding. Often, flooding happens due to natural catastrophes such as tropical storms and rapid snowmelts. Most basement flooding occurs during wet weather; however, it may also occur during dry weather. During dry weather, a few of the most common reasons include a blocked or failed sanitary lateral resulting in a sewage backup, seepage or flow through the walls or foundation floor, foundation drainage failure, sump pump failures, or surface water sources.

Basement flooding poses a risk to your health, your safety, and even your property as it is exposed to the risk of collapsing. At Restoration Companies, however, we have a certified team of flooded basement pros to get things running. 

FLOODED BASEMENT CLEANUP AND RESTORATIONWhat are the risks of basement flooding?

Quite a few health risks accompany a flooded basement. Mold thrives in spaces where there is moisture and can grow as fast as 24 to 48 hours. As it grows in your basement, you may inhale the spores that trigger allergies and asthma or result in respiratory complications.

If your basement is flooded in the wake of a failed sanitary lateral, you are in danger of Raw sewage exposure. Sewage backups expose you to extremely harmful and dangerous sewage bacteria. In addition, when basement flooding occurs, your property’s structure is susceptible to structural damage and will not be suitable for occupation.

What should I expect from a flood damage restoration process?

When you contact us at Restoration Companies, we will connect you with a reliable local reconstruction and restoration company that will begin working right away. The team of professionals will start by conducting an inspection which will enable them to determine the cause and extent of the damage.

After initial checks, the restorers will estimate the outlining costs for the repair and restoration services. After you approve the estimate, the real work begins, which will happen in two phases. The first phase entails basement flooding restoration, where the technicians will drain or pump out your basement to remove the water.

Afterward, they will assist you in collecting items that you can salvage while getting rid of unsalvageable items. Later on, the technicians will set up ventilation and dehumidifiers to dry up your basement completely.

The second phase consists of a mold remediation process. Here, the team will use powerful cleaning products to eradicate mold and terminate mold spores. At the same time, they will curtail the advancement of mold to other parts of your property.

FLOODED BASEMENT CLEANUP AND RESTORATIONHow will I prevent basement flooding in the future?

Prevention is dependent on the cause of the basement flooding. For instance, if the flooding resulted from cracks in your property’s foundation or basement walls, you will need to reconstruct or renovate them to keep the water out. Also, we recommend investing in a reliable, effective, and new sump pump, which will help in preventing flooding.

How long will it take the technicians to restore my basement?

Usually, this depends on the amount of water and the damages. Also, it depends on how promptly you contacted us to revitalize your property. People who take a long time to contact us expose their properties to the risk of further damage than those who do it immediately.

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