Are Mold Testing Kits from Home Depot Reliable?

Learn more about the reliability of mold testing kits sold at Home Depot


Have you discovered black mold in your home or apartment? Are you wondering if the mold you have found is toxic in nature and may pose a health risk? Large home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and Menards all sell mold testing kits that can help you take the first step to uncover how serious your mold issue may be.

So the question on everyone’s mind is, are these testing kits reliable?

Based on the reviews and feedback gathered online, the answer to that question is yes. Home Depot features a popular mold testing kit from Mold Armor that allows you to test the level of mold growth both inside and outside of your home, with results within 48 hours. The process of performing a test is pretty straightforward, with a simple swap and testing petri dish that typically nets results within 48 hours. For more detailed reporting and analysis, you can send the sample report into a lab for a more detailed analysis.

What happens if the test shows a positive sign for mold growth?

These tests provide a great first step in helping to determine if you have a home mold issue, depending on the mold growth you have discovered, both visible and non-visible, your next step may involve contacting a mold hygienists or remediation company that specializes in mold removal.

Learn more about the types of mold that may be growing in your home

Molds are microscopic organisms that can grow anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. As long as the mold finds organic nutrients and moisture, it will thrive and wreak havoc in your home, which is why you need to detect it as early as possible. Mold can be found in the bathroom, attic, basement, and even drywall. Sometimes, the mold hides in plain sight, particularly for those with no color. 

Because mold spores are microscopic, it can be difficult to tell if you have mold in your home. This is where mold testing kits come in handy. Mold testing kits assist you in detecting and identifying growing spores in your residence by collecting specimens from the air or the area under investigation. Some provide immediate outcomes, whereas others require you to box the specimens and return them to the lab for competent inspection. With the data collected, you can achieve the calmness you seek while making the appropriate plans to eliminate the detrimental fungi.

Should You Trust Testing Kits?

The volume, form, and, most notably, the weight of spores differ. Naturally, heavier mold spores will drop out from the air faster and thus appear in larger numbers in a home-test-kit dish. Because mold is present in almost every surrounding, it is impossible to be conclusive on whether the mold spores you accumulate are from a threatening interior colony or are simply a part of exterior surroundings.

Home mold test kits frequently lead to unacquainted judgements since the levels of spores examined are not always precise and cannot locate buried deep mold, preventing the homeowner from properly assessing the issue. Depending on these outcomes, people frequently do either excessive or too little. You will find some people using too much money and resources to eliminate mold in their homes, but in the real sense, the situation is not as bad as the test results revealed. Additionally, some will relax and do nothing when the test results come out negative then later find out they were inaccurate.

Experts collect spore specimens by forcing air into a spore trap, which increases the reliability of their technique. This is different from how home test kits work, where they rely wholly on air currents in a room.   Property owners require surety about the scenario, which these home-test kits do not guarantee.

The main point of all this is that if you suspect you have mold, you should get in touch with a professional testing service, ideally one that employs a certified microbial investigator. A skilled environmental testing service will provide you with mold observation and analysis, enabling you to come up with informed decisions.


Keeping your home surroundings clean and safe for your family and pets is a top priority. If this means getting a home test kit to determine if you have mold hidden in your residence, consider getting one. Home Depot Mold testing kits have been rated among the top by users, giving you some assurance with the results. However, if you want to be certain about the situation, let the professionals do it. Furthermore, professionals should handle anything related to mold infestation for safety reasons.

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