Can You Remove Mold Growth on Carpeting?

Learn more about the potential for mold to grow on carpeting

While carpets are perfect for decorating your floor, maintaining and taking care of them requires great effort. Some of the problems that come with poor carpet maintenance are mold growth, and if not dealt with as soon as realized, this can wreak havoc in your home. Mold are naturally existing fungi that help to decay matter; therefore, they cannot be eradicated wholly from the environment. If you do not take good care of your carpet, you might find mold under it.

How to Treat Carpet Mold

When mold is discovered, it is critical that it be removed from the carpet as soon as possible. Upper respiratory problems, including chronic asthma and eye problems, can affect your family members. In addition, many households have pets and children who play on the carpet, releasing spores into the air and dispersing them throughout the house. If you have a mold situation under your carpet, here are steps to help you deal with it.

Properly Ventilate Your Room

For mold to thrive, it needs moisture, food, and a poorly ventilated room. These are the perfect breeding conditions for the fungi, making it necessary to ventilate your home. If you do not have enough windows for aeration, you can install an HVAC system to assist with purification. This will help remove the musty smell from your home, and if possible, get the moldy carpet outside as well.

Floor Cleaning 

First, evaluate the kind of floor you have in your home. Note that if your floor is made of porous wood or has spaces where water can accumulate, cleaning with water-based products is not the best idea. However, if the floor is made using a non-porous material like tiles, you can easily wipe the mold off, and there will be no risk of spreading it to other areas.

Examine the extent of damage on the floor, and if it is a small area, you can wipe using a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Be careful not to use chemical-based solutions such as bleach, as they are harmful to your health. After cleaning, let the area dry, and do not return the carpet before dealing with it.

Carpet Cleaning

No matter how small your carpet is, don’t be tempted to throw it into the washing machine, as it will transfer the mold to your machine. Take the carpet outside, away from your home, and use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove the mold. If your vacuum has no HEPA filter incorporated in it, use a carpet brush and a dustpan. 

When in doubt, you can contact a professional mold remediation firm for an onsite inspection and air quality test

Proceed to clean the carpet using the same baking soda and vinegar solution. This will kill the mold and, at the same time, eliminate the musty smell from the carpet. You can use detergent to finalize the carpet cleaning and let it dry in the sun. Unless the carpet is completely dried, please do not take it back into the house, as it will result in mold growth once more. To prevent future mold infestation, always keep your carpet dried.

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