Does Bleach Kill Mold or Just Change the Color of the Mold Spores?

Does Bleach Kill Mold or Just Change the Color of the Mold Spores?

MOLD CLEANUP RESTORATION COMPANIESMold can grow almost everywhere in a house and can be seen or smelled. The first thing most of us think of when we identify mold in our homes is how to get rid of them. Bleach might seem like a good method of killing or cleaning up mold as it is the most affordable and easily accessible means. While bleach visibly removes mold when applied, it is only effective on hard and non-porous surfaces such as tiles and glass. 

The bleach will be effective on hard non-porous surfaces because the mold’s roots are on the surface. If the mold you are dealing with is on a porous surface such as wood or a wall, then it means the roots are further inside and might be difficult to reach with mere bleach. Once you apply bleach to such surfaces, it will only change the mold’s color on the surface. Since bleach dries quickly, chances are, it will not reach the mold’s roots. After a while, you will notice the molds growing back and might even get worse than before.

Is It Good to Use Bleach to Treat Mold?

According to experts in this field, you should never remove the mold using bleach regardless of the surface you are dealing with. This is because using bleach to clean mold can put your health in jeopardy, among other reasons. While ordinary household bleach might not be toxic or harmful to health, its prolonged use and exposure is hazardous to humans. Once in its gaseous form, chlorine bleach emits a chemical referred to as dioxin, a compound known to cause cancer. Therefore, inhaling this compound for longer periods might affect your lung health.

Additionally, if chlorine is combined with ammonia, cleansers or other products that emit chlorine gas, it might have adverse effects. Chlorine gas reacts roughly with the skin and might leave you with burns even in the eyes and nostrils. This might be worse for people with pre-existing breathing problems, including asthma and bronchitis. The CDC highly discourages the use of bleach without protective wear to prevent such uneventful occurrences. 

Can Bleach Lead to Further Mold Growth?

Bleach constitutes 90% water, and since molds need moisture to thrive, it might lead to further growth. When bleach is applied on porous surfaces containing molds, the chlorine contents dry within seconds, leaving water on the surface. This water will be sucked into the porous surface, reaching the mold’s roots. If you have been wondering why the mold situation in your home gets worse after applying bleach instead of lessening, now you have your answer. Moreover, the bleach might cause mold to grow in areas that were not infested previously.

After prolonged use, bleach will become ineffective in cleaning and treating molds. The substances might get resistant to bleach, leading to ineffectiveness. The only long-term solution to cleaning mold is through professional companies. For molds to go away completely, they must be removed from the roots and spores cleared off. This is the only way the air quality in your home will become better. 


While bleach might restore the color of your walls at that moment, long-term use will destroy your structures. Bleach is very corrosive; therefore eats into the wood and can weaken other materials. Additionally, it corrodes metal surfaces, leaving them rusty and unpleasant. With time, you will realize the paint on your walls begins to fade.

The Best Way to Treat Mold

Attempting to treat mold without proper tools and knowledge might worsen the situation and give rise to more problems. Treating and cleaning mold means that you need to determine the type of mold you are dealing with, how far it has grown, and what has caused its growth. Some molds are more toxic than others and should not be dealt with without safeguarding gear.

When working with Restoration Companies, we will determine all these crucial factors for the best results. Additionally, our team has professionals trained and certified for mold control, ensuring you effectiveness at all times. Natural ways of dealing with mold work the best since bleach and other cleansers do not do a good job. We will fix the cause of the mold growth and replace the entire system if the mold is uncontrollable.

Mold control is something we take seriously as molds can seriously affect your health. We prioritize your health at all times, which is why we always use safe methods when treating molds. Whether it is your attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen, or the entire house, do not fret because we have the necessary equipment required for the job. Contact us for emergencies and regular check-ups to prevent further growth of molds in your house or office space.

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