What Is Black Mold And Is It Dangerous In Your Home

BLACK MOLD REMOVAL RESTORATION COMPANIESHave you ever encountered black mold in your home? Black mold is unsightly, can ruin surfaces and furniture, and could have an impact on your health too.

Black mold is inconvenient, affecting the appearance of your home and so much more. But the good news is that black mold is treatable and preventable, so you can help your home become mold-free once more. 

Learn more about black mold and what you can do about it.

What is black mold?

Black mold is one of the most common types of mold you’ll find in your home. It typically has a black or dark green appearance. It will look like spots that have spread across a surface, varying in size. Also known by its name Stachybotrys, black mold has a darker appearance than other types of mold, but that doesn’t mean that it’s more dangerous. But all types of mold, regardless of color, should be removed immediately.

What causes black mold?

Black mold tends to appear in places that are wet, warm or damp. It thrives in places where a lot of cellulose is found, and where there is a lack of ventilation. 


You may notice some signs of a mold problem before you begin to see the visual evidence. You might start to feel congested or develop symptoms similar to an allergy. You might also notice a musty smell in your home that is strongest in the area that might have mold. 


While you’ll most likely be able to detect mold yourself, you may need to bring in a professional to find the affected areas in your home.

What are the dangers of black mold?

There is a misconception that black mold can cause significant illness and disease, however, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn’t found any links between mold and serious disease. 


But many people can find themselves sensitive to mold due to existing respiratory conditions like asthma. In buildings with a significant mold problem, more people may experience reactions caused by mold. Some of the symptoms include:


  • a blocked or runny nose
  • watery, irritated eyes
  • dry cough
  • skin reaction 
  • sore throat
  • sinusitis


It’s important to tackle mold in your home as soon as soon as you encounter it to prevent the possible side-effects, especially if you suffer from a respiratory condition.

Where would you normally find black mold? 

Black mold is normally found in warm, wet spaces. This can include your basement, bathroom, showers, kitchens and around windows. You may experience black mold if you use a humidifier with improper ventilation. If your pipes are leaking, you should check your home for sources of mold. 


If you spot any traces of mold, you should take action immediately or bring in a professional to identify all areas of mold in your home.


As with most things, prevention is better than cure. To prevent black mold, you should ensure the humidity level in your home is lower than 50%, and that air can circulate easily. You should also make sure that any leaking or water damage is fixed quickly and thoroughly dried and cleaned to prevent mold from developing. 

How to handle black mold in your home

Taking swift action will help you get rid of black mold in your home and stop it from coming back. 

Protecting yourself


Firstly, when dealing with mold, you’ll need to make sure you wear protective equipment. You should wear protective gloves and consider wearing a face mask when using strong chemicals. If you suffer from a respiratory condition, you should bring in professionals to take care of the mold for you.

Use bleach

Using a bleach and water solution (one cup bleach to a gallon of water), you can tackle mold easily. Spray the surface with the solution, wait for the mold to be killed, and then scrub the surface. This should tackle most surface mold and prevent it from returning. Be wary of using bleach on vulnerable surfaces.


Alternatively, you can use white vinegar to remove mold.

Try specialist mold cleaning products

There is a wide range of cleaning products designed to tackle mold. Follow the instructions as provided to tackle mold quickly and easily./

Bring in the professionals

For the best results tackling toxic mold, bring in the professionals. Professional mold cleaning services will not only carry out thorough mold testing, but they will take care of the mold cleanup on your behalf. Mold testing is important to understand the type of mold you’re dealing with so that you can take the appropriate action. 

Don’t delay tackling mold in your home. Get it tested so that you can take the right action to get rid of black mold in your home.

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