Puff Back Fire Preventions

Have A Safe Winter Season: Learn About Puff Back Now

FIRE AND SMOKE DAMAGE RESTORATION COMPANIESThe winter is beginning to roll in and with that, our heating system is going to be pushed to its limit. Many news broadcasters have been saying this is going to be one of the coldest winters yet, so it is important we keep ourselves safe as our heating works overtime. This article is going to break down what a puff back is and how it can be dangerous, so you are better equipped for this situation if it ever arises. Follow these tips to avoid a fire or smoke damage disaster this winter.

What Is A Puff Back?

Well, a puff back only happens with oil or gas-burning furnaces. If you do have an oil or gas-burning furnace then you could have a puff back if your furnace does not ignite properly because of clogs, system oil leaks, or other issues. Let’s say your furnace is connected to the air system, any smoke or soot that is made can then be distributed throughout the entire duct system, so every room can have these particles in them. When this happens, the air that you breathe is going to have a sticky and grimy residue and it can also be found on every exposed surface.

This mess that is created by the puff back can cause permanent and long-lasting damage to your belongings and to yourself. That is why you must get it looked at as soon as it happens because you do not want to put yourself or your loved ones at risk.


There are many consequences to a puff back happening. This can damage or discolor your walls and materials, so all of your belongings might need to be replaced and your house to be cleaned professionally. If this is not taken care of right away then the particles can nestle themselves further into the materials, making it even more harmful for you to breathe in on a daily basis.

When you have soot and oil in your home, on your walls, and in the air around you, then when you try to ignite the furnace again, there is a possibility that the soot and grime can catch on fire. If this happens then the fire can spread throughout your entire home very quickly because the puff back is throughout your entire ventilation system. The damage that can happen is going to be serious and can be very dangerous, you will need to work with a professional fire restoration contractor to clean and restore your home. The bottom line is if you ever see that your furnace has had a puff back then do not try to start your furnace a second time.

A Puff Back Has Happened, What Do I Do?

According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, you should call a professional right away. It does not matter if the puff back does not seem too noticeable or severe, you need to have a professional come and take a look for you because it can get worse. The repairperson can fix your furnace and make sure it is safe to use for the future.

When it comes to your own personal belongings, assess what the damage is. You should clean all of the clothing and fabrics that have be affected by the puff back because you do not want to be breathing that in. If there is any exposed food then throw it away. Lastly, call a professional cleaning service to clean up the soot.


Puff back is very serious because it can cause long-lasting and serious damage. If it happens to you then take the correct precautions and get your furnace looked at. Otherwise, you can bring harm to yourself and your belongings. It is important to stay vigilant this winter season, so you are safe in your own home.

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