Small Smoke Damage Disasters May Still Require Professional Cleaning

Fires Lighting Up Your House: Why A Professional Should Clean Your Space

Many people spend a lot of time in their kitchen. It is where we make our meals and have dinners together with loved ones. With so many happy memories, it is heartbreaking to see it go up in flames. However, things happen and when it does happen, it is important to get your area properly cleaned and inspected before you go back in and begin to use it again.

This article explains why it is important to have a professional restore your kitchen after fire damage.

It’s Only A Small Fire, Why Should I Call the Professionals?

Listen, even if the fire was small, you should not take the risk of allowing yourself and your loved ones to become sick. Even a small kitchen fire can leave behind damage and toxins that are a health hazard to yourself and your appliances. After a fire, there is ash and soot everywhere and this is dangerous to breathe in and it can clog of other appliances, so they are now more likely to catch on fire later on.

When it comes to cleaning the ash and soot, you need to have a specialist come in because they are trained in this field. The best thing to do is to call a professional right after the fire has been extinguished. If you wait too long, then the damage can worsen and permanently ruin your surfaces, fixtures, and appliances. You do not want to have to restore everything if you do not need to.

Why Can’t I Clean It Myself?

If you decide to try and clean the soot and ash yourself, then you are putting yourself at risk. Inhaling the dangerous components in smoke, ash, and soot is going to leave you with problems in your lungs. Once your health is affected by this, you are going to have to be prepared for countless doctor’s appointments and a hard time breathing. Also, you might not clean the area properly and actually make it worse, so your belongings might end up worse, to the point where they are not salvageable.

What Does A Professional Do?

A professional has access to specialized products, so they are going to be using tools and sprays that you do not have. The professionals wear specialized gear that keeps them safe, so they are not in direct contact with the soot and ash. Also, they are trained in using important tools that can remove your smoke damage and soot from aluminum, brass, marble, chrome, porcelain, and tile. That’s right – it does not matter what type of surface the damage has reached; the professionals have the tools to handle it and to clean it up.

On top of that, the professionals are able to assess the damage that is done, so they can tell you what can and cannot be saved. You only want to keep the belongings that are not going to off-gas any harmful chemicals. Also, they are able to tell you how long the restoration is going to take, so you are aware and prepared for how long you might need to be out of the kitchen.


No matter the size of the kitchen fire, you should always hire a professional to come in and restore the area for you. Any fire can leave soot and ash that is harmful to you, your loved ones, and your belongings. Also, you can rest easy knowing that the professionals are looking after your space, so you do not need to worry about any other damage occurring. Just, call the professionals and be safe because fire damage is very dangerous.

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