Warning Signs You Need a Professional To Clean and Remove Mold

Mold Experts: Can You Be A Mold Hunter or Should You Get A Professional?

MOLD REMOVAL RESTORATION COMPANIESMold is never fun and if it is not dealt with properly or promptly, you can have a very big problem on your hands. However, many people wonder if they can handle the mold by themselves or if they need to hire a professional. Well, that all depends on the mold situation and how serious it is. What you don’t want is to underestimate the problem because then it can just get worse.

This article is going to explain when you can take care of mold in your bathroom yourself and when to hire a professional.

There Is Every day Mold

Now, there is some mold that is just common. It can appear in any home and setting, so it is actually pretty simple to clean and stay on top of. However, before you start that, you need to figure out where this mold can grow. Well, it grows in areas that get and stay wet, so you want to look at: bathrooms that are not properly ventilated, around the sinks in mudrooms and kitchens, the threshold on exterior doors, and in your basement near any hot water heaters.

You Have Seen the Culprit, Catch It

A rule of thumb is that if you can see the mold in your bathroom, you can most likely get rid of it. You are going to need to use that elbow grease, water, and soap in order to get the mold off of the area. Some molds are a bit more difficult to get rid of, so try a solution of 1:9 bleach-to-water and spray that onto the mold. That should help your get rid of the mold.

Also, now you know that mold grows in that area, so take this opportunity to try and stop it from growing again. Open the window and run your shower fan after you take a shower or bath. This can help with preventing locked moisture in your bathroom, so the mold cannot grow.


Well, this is the real problem, if the mold has spread too far and is now on the drywall, subflooring, and studs, then you have a full-on mold problem. Also, if the mold has spanned over 10 square feet, then you know that this mold has decided to make a home. Do not waste your time or money on buying one of those mold removal kits from the store because they are not going to help you in this situation.

This is when you are going to need a professional because there are alive and dead mold spores in the area. These mold spores are bad for your health and can cause irritation, respiratory problems, and shortness of breath. Those kits you can buy from the store are not going to be able to properly detect all of the spores in the room, but a professional can because they use certified equipment.

A professional is going to be able to tell you how far the mold has spread, how dangerous it now is, and what to do to get rid of it. It is important you listen to them because a bathroom is a breeding ground for mold if it is not properly ventilated, so let the professionals take care of it.


When you spot mold, check out the situation before you make any irrational decisions. If the mold is small and easy to get to, then you can most likely get rid of it yourself. However, if it has taken up a lot of space, then call a professional because you do not want the mold to be around for longer than it needs to be.

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