Is It Possible To Have Black Mold in Your HVAC Ductwork

Is it Possible to Have Black Mold Inside of Your HVAC Ductwork?

BLACK MOLD REMOVAL RESTORATION COMPANIESWhile molds are a common sight in households, black mold is a different and more serious problem. This type of mold is highly toxic and usually found in homes with drywalls, plaster and several other household materials. Black mold thrives on such materials because of the cellulose content found in them. Cellulose and moisture are the major components required for mold growth. If inhaled for prolonged periods, black mold can cause serious health issues and cause skin reactions. Symptoms of black mold exposure include;

  • Coughing whenever indoors.
  • Sneezing frequently when in the area with black mold.
  • Eye irritation or redness.
  • Skin itchiness
  • Flu that never ends
  • Rashes on skin
  • Always feeling tired
  • Frequent and persistent headaches.

Note that these symptoms are common to other forms of allergy; therefore, they might be easy to miss, but too much exposure might cause chronic allergic reactions and other serious health effects.

Black Mold in Your HVAC Systems

As odd as it may sound, air conditioning and ventilation systems are common breeding grounds for molds. Due to the constant humidity change in the HVAC system, moisture might accumulate, facilitating mold growth. Additionally, if your air conditioner is also your heater, it might increase the chances of harboring black mold.

If you have molds in your home that keep on recurring even after seeking help from professionals, it might mean that your HVAC system is contaminated. The air from the HVAC might be spreading spores all over your house or commercial space. Alternatively, spores from the air might be sucked into the ductwork causing further growth of molds in your air conditioning systems. Once molds grow in the ducts, they might progress without being detected for long periods.

How Can You Prevent Back Mold from Infesting Your HVAC?

The only effective method to prevent mold growth in your HVAC ductwork is scheduling regular maintenance with a professional and certified mold control company. Restoration Companies is one of these service providers, and we are always ready to tend to your needs. If you suspect the presence of black mold in your air conditioning and ventilation systems, do not hesitate to contact us for inspection. Once we detect black mold in your air conditioning systems, we take measures to eliminate and prevent further spread.


Treating HVAC Black Mold

Choosing an appropriate cleaning solution is the initial and most vital part of the treatment process as it dictates your success. The cleaning agent or method used will either completely remove the black mold from your HVAC systems or boost their growth secretly. Remember that molds thrive more in moist conditions; therefore, using moisture-based detergents and other cleaning agents is not advised. The best and only safe way to deal with black mold in HVAC systems is by contacting certified mold control companies. With this, you will be guaranteed thorough and effective cleaning, leaving your air conditioning systems free of black mold.

Why Should You Regularly Clean Your HVAC Systems?

Having mold grow in a damp room corner is different from what mold in the HVAC systems can cause. Once mold has grown in your HVAC systems, it means your whole house could be contaminated as the air circulates in different rooms in your home. Spores are light weighted and, just like dust particles, can be blown out with air into the room. If the spores settle in damp places, it will lead to mold growth.

The effects of mold usually come out as allergic reactions that may become chronic after long-period exposures. Moreover, the adverse effects of black mold spread from the HVAC systems are so diverse that experts are still studying them. You do not want any of your family members or you to experience these symptoms, which is why you need to conduct regular checks for black mold in your air conditioning systems. Pets are also affected by mold, so do not let your paw friend suffer the adverse effects of mold in your systems or anywhere else in the house.

Restoration Companies is here to help you with the mold situation in your house, whether in the HVAC systems, Basement, attic, or bathroom. We are professionals in the plumbing as well as mold extermination field. Our team consists of professionals trained and equipped with the necessary skills to enhance effectiveness.

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